credits:Robert Gaspard

dance dance dance

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”
Friedrich Nietzsche

EveryBodyDances is an independent project which explores the possibilities that dance have to change an urban space into something else: a place where people meet and relate through their bodies, they meet just because of a dance. Continue reading

EveryBodyDances at Marheinekeplatz

29.July.2016 in Marheinekepletz-Kreuzberg

Concept: Elena Dragonetti
Performance and choreography: Alessandra Agostini, Angelika Hammer, Anton Daneyko, David Vashakidze, Elena Dragonetti, Inga Kleinecke, Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld

What if, for 30 minutes, one of the public squares, street corners or gardens in our city were to become an open dance floor? What if the city could transform, for one day, into a dance hall, and you could take your lunch break and time off work to have a little dance and chat with a stranger? What if everybody dances?
Come and join us! Bring your body, your wish and desire to move, your memories of dances past, your ineffable stories, and the steps you always wanted to share and enjoy in the company of others!

Tanz mit mir

One-to-one solo performace, by and with Elena Dragonetti, inside “Strip down to everything” for TanzTage 2015 Festival, Sophiensaele, Berlin.

The performance has born from a fascination for the theatre’s building of Sophiensaele. The house is over 100 years old and looks back on an eventful history: meetings of the Communist Party in the 1920s, Nazi forced labor in the 30s, costume tailoring by the Maxim Gorki Theater in GDR times and production facility with the choreographer Sasha Waltz by 1996-99 – diverse political and artistic groups worked here and used the room for their events. Continue reading